Far-reaching spotlight for searching & exploring

The HP30R rechargeable headlamp employs power and versatility in form and design

  • Powered by x2 18650 rechargeable batteries that allows for convenient extended runtimes in an
    easy to recharge case that has the unique ability to also charge your USB rechargeable devices.
    The other power component comes from the sheer strength of its powerful beam
  • The 3 unique LEDs can all be used at once to disperse an amazing 1750 lumens that reaches
    over 200 meters (650 feet) showing you items in the distance that few would imagine
  • The versatility of this headlamp begins with the belt-worn (or backpack) battery case that
    allows for lightweight and comfortable design on the head
  • The rechargeable micro USB port in the battery case even allows you to utilize it as a power
    bank in those moments your cell phone might need a little extra charge
  • The versatility continues with 4 levels of spotlight and 4 levels of soft floodlight to match up
    to whatever your needs may be at any moment
  • The unique ability to utilize both flood and spot levels at once provide you 16 levels of adaptable
    light with runtimes lasting as long as 400 hours
  • Although the HP30R can be life saving tool to search and rescue professionals; its easy to use
    and affordability make it ideal for adventurists at all levels


Headlamp Size:

Length: 77mm (3.03”)
Width: 52mm (2.04”)
Height: 34mm (1.34”)


Max Lumens: 1750



Battery Case:

Length: 115mm (4.5”)
Width: 56mm (2.20”)
Height: 30mm (1.18”)


Headlamp Weight: 285g excluding battery

Batteries: Two 18650 (2600mAh) rechargeable batteries (included) or four CR123A batteries

Included: Cable clip, top headband mount, spare-o-ring, belt clip, USB carging cable,
two cable buckles, two ARB-L18-2600 rechargeable batteries



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